Ghana update: Buzz Club progress and increasing cashew yields

Over the summer we were delighted to be able to host Dr. Kwame Aidoo for 12 weeks on a Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Award. During his time with Bees for development Kwame agreed to establish an affiliated partner organisation dedicated to serving the needs of beekeepers in Ghana. He also linked up with Stroud Beekeepers Association and together they agreed to extend Stroud Beekeeper’s approach to teaching beekeeping to youngsters by setting up school groups – called Buzz Clubs – in Ghana. In Ghana – unlike in the UK – one of the main reasons for school children to keep bees is to raise income to fund their further education.

Kwame sent us a progress update:
“Registration of Bees for development Ghana is progressing slowly because up to now 3 out of my 5 trustees are yet to obtain their Tax Identification Numbers (TIN), a requirement for filling out and submitting registration forms at the Registrar General Ghana.

On Buzz Clubs Ghana, I have established contacts and have met management of the two selected schools. I tasked them to select 10 students, 2 teachers and 5 supporting farmers – which they have now done and so they are ready to start. Stroud Beekeepers are working hard on fund raising activities and by the end of October had raised £2000 for the Buzz Clubs. Peter from Stroud has booked a flight to visit me and the two schools in February 2016.

I am also working on our objective of integrating bees with cashews to increase cashew yields. I have had good discussions with a cashew buying company in the Brong Ahafo region and just about submitting a proposal for funding – for beekeeping training. The Zeus International Company sounds promising and I am also keen to involve a South African company who are very interested in buying honey and beeswax. I will send you my draft of the proposal for your comments and input”.

Thank you Kwame – we look forward to the next update.


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