Tree planting and beekeeping – the perfect partnership in Uganda

Bees for development Trust is delighted to announce that on 1 October 2015 we started a new project in Uganda. We will be working hand in hand with Mbale CAP (Mbale Coalition Against Poverty) a local consortium of community-based organisations based in the Mount Elgon region of Uganda. Our aim is to train and support 25 community-based Beekeeper Trainers – who will in turn train new beekeepers in their communities. We have received financial support from The Charles Hayward Foundation and Hub Cymru Africa to whom we extend our thanks.

The Mount Elgon region is mountainous and densely populated. Local people know that tree-planting is important to stabilise steep slopes, yet people can’t eat trees. Land is scarce – people need more income from the plots they already have. This is why beekeeping is such a fantastic solution. Bees take up no extra land and can be integrated with the crops people grow already, and help make tree-planting more profitable. Whilst they are growing to maturity the trees flower every year, and produce nectar and pollen. Bees turn this nectar and pollen into money for beekeeping families.  So yes – money really can grow on trees!

“This project will reinforce our ability to achieve Mbale CAP’s vision of communities escaping poverty. We are empowering women and youth in this region to thrive through sustainable beekeeping.  Let me also say that the approach of working with Community-Based Beekeeper Trainers is the right way – it keeps providing bee farmers with knowledge and skills even after other types of support come to an end”. Rogers Wasibi, Mbale CAP Beekeeping Coordinator.

Janet Lowore
Learning and Knowledge Development Officer

Find out more about the Mbale Coalition Against Poverty

Find out more about our supporters on this project: the Charles Hayward Foundation and Hub Cymru Africa


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